Site Security

Access control systems are just one of the series of security solutions that can be deployed to prevent thefts on building sites, a phenomenon that is affecting an increasing number of construction companies across the UK.


Paxton 10 launching soon

SCS have been a long time supporter and installer of Paxton Access Control Systems.

Paxton are poised to expand the range of security solutions with the Paxton 10 platform that combines Access Control with Video Management.

paxton door access

Net2 OnLine

Our prefered Access Control system remains Paxton Net2, a proven, robust and well supported software system for managing local or remote Access Control for doors and buildings.


Biometrics add extra security reassurance in smart homes

A company which specialises in smart homes has made arrangements with a biometrics finger company in Austria in order to integrate the wall-mounted finger scanner into the house system and maximise security. Biometrics – measurements of unique parts the human body such as fingerprints, irises and faces – are much more difficult to hack or guess than …

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