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Net2 OnLine

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Our prefered Access Control system remains Paxton Net2.

This is a proven, robust and well supported software system for managing local or remote Access Control for doors and buildings.

As a Paxton partner we have used and deployed many systems accross the UK for a wide range of business with from 10 to 10,000 staff.

The latest release, net2online, provides access to the managemt portal via any web browser.

Open Door

Open a door directly from your web browser, wherever you are

  • All doors you have access to will appear by default
  • Visual feedback – green flash for opened doors and red for access denied
  • Open door for default seven second door open time

User Administration

Add, delete and edit users for easy management

  • Add tokens to users via Access Denied events
  • Add & edit user photos from your device’s camera or album
  • Manage Anti-Passback, Intruder Alarm and Lockdown user rights

Roll Call

Quickly establish whether users are safe in an emergency

  • Mark users as safe/missing
  • See users’ last known positions
  • Call users via the app
  • View a user’s photo as stored within Net2

Events & Reports

Real-time updates provide live information on users’ locations

  • Default Net2 reports appear in your browser
  • View live Net2 events
  • Dynamically search events and reports
  • Reports default to the last 365 days

To learn more about how SCS can help your security with Paxton contact Simon and his team.

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