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Design, installation and on-going maintenance of electronic security systems

With a commercial security system from Specialist Complete Security Systems you can be assured that you have taken the best possible step to protecting your business.

CCTV Systems to suit all budgets are available and with the fast pace in technology improvements you can now get a comprehensive CCTV system with a reasonable budget.

SCS have implemented many Access Control Systems for commercial clients including Office, Clubs, Hotels, Multi-tenant industrial units and even fishing clubs. Select from bar-code, RFID, swipe cards, fingerprint or retina based systems.


Let Specialist Complete Security take-over an existing Maintenance Contract. And you could save you up to 25% compared to your existing agreement.

About SCS

Specialist Complete Security Systems Ltd is an SSAIB recognized company that specializes in the design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of electronic security systems.

The Specialist Complete Security team has many years of expertise in specifying, installing, and maintaining security systems.


With a passion for customer service and attention to detail we pride ourselves on providing security systems and associated knowledge to homes and businesses through London, and the Home Counties.


Our management team has a considerable background in the security industry and is able to provide unbiased information and expertise on many system types and manufacturers, ensuring that you the client get the best value for your needs.

Whether it is a simple home system or multinational headquarters our staff have the skills and experience to design, install and maintain systems to suit.

Simon Benson MD

Core Areas


Access Control systems
Scalable from a single door to multi sites with hundreds, our Access Control systems are designed to meet your needs. Access Control is used to secure areas from unauthorised individuals, and can be used as much for Health & Safety reasons as Security.


Barriers, Turnstiles & Gates

SCS supplies and installs various types of gates, car park barriers, and turnstiles.

When installed as part of an Access Control system these units can control the flow of people and vehicles.


The days of CCTV systems being out of reach of most small businesses are a thing of the past. Systems to suit all budgets are available and with the fast pace in technology improvements you can now get a comprehensive CCTV system for your investment.


Intruder Detection Systems

Although often seen as an unwanted expense and an inconvenience to use, it has been shown that property with a professionally installed Intruder detection system are 84% less likely to be subject to a successful break in, compared to one without.

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