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Specialist Complete Security

Design, installation and on-going maintenance of electronic security systems


With a commercial security system from Specialist Complete Security Systems you can be assured that you have taken the best possible step to protecting your business.


Systems to suit all budgets are available and with the fast pace in technology improvements you can now get a comprehensive CCTV system with a reasonable budget.


SCS have implemented many Access Control Systems for commercial clients including Office, Clubs, Hotels, Multi-tenant industrial units and even fishing clubs. Select from bar-code, RFID, swipe cards, fingerprint or retina based systems.


We like to think of our homes as Castles, where we can feel safe and secure and out of harms way. WE can help.


Let Specialist Complete Security take-over an existing Maintenance Contract. And you could save you up to 25% compared to your existing agreement.


Full advice and guidance in selecting security systems. On going 24 7 support from SCS Help Desk to provide total cover.


Commercial Security


SCS specialise in providing commercial and residential security systems and maintenance support agreements tailored to your budgetary requirements and levels of risk.If you own or manage a building then the chances are you require some form of security, whether it be mechanical locks, or more sophisticated electronic security systems, such as:
Intruder Detection Systems
Remote monitoring
Closed Circuit Television
Access Control and Door Entry
Biometric Readers
Fire Detection Systems
Physical Locks

Residential Security


Specialist Complete Security Systems Ltd provides a one-stop hassle free service for these electronic security systems providing the following specialist services:
System Design and Specifications
System Installations and Project Management
Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Take-over and Maintenance of systems installed by others
SCS specialize in providing commercial and residential security systems and maintenance support agreements tailored to your budgetary requirements and levels of risk.

We are committed to providing Specialist – Complete – Security along with the relevant expertise and project management skill to ensure a smooth path in achieving your safety and satisfaction.

Access Control


Scalable from a single door to multi sites with hundreds, our Access Control systems are designed to meet your security needs.

Access Control is used to secure areas from unauthorised individuals, and can be used as much for Health & Safety reasons as Security.

ID systems are also available to enable you to produce ID cards with your own design and artwork. We can also supply ID cards and sundries including lanyards and card holders.

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