Paxton 10 launching soon

SCS have been a long time supporter and installer of Paxton Access Control Systems. The Paxton products are well designed and well supported by the team in Brighton.

The core product Net 2 is a central server based solution for local and dispersed building access control. 

Paxton are poised to expand the range of security solutions with the Paxton 10 platform that combines Access Control with Video Management. Paxton will launch a range of HD cameras.

Full details of Paxton 10 to be released in November.

Paxton Overview:

Access control

Access control provides a secure, convenient and flexible way of controlling who has access to your buildings and assets.


Installing an access control system means that you will never have to change a lock again. Electronic tokens and cards are issued to allow access through controlled doors and are easily barred from the system if they are lost, stolen or just not returned by someone who leaves.

Additionally, an access control system can offer you more functionality by integrating with other systems like CCTV, intruder alarm and biometrics to create a complete solution.

Wireless door handles

\"\" Wireless access control is a great way to secure a system quickly and with minimal disruption.

The PaxLock range can be installed as part of a networked system or standalone for sites that do not require extra functionality.

We have several designs available which can be installed on internal or external doors.

Door entry

\"\"Door entry allows you to recognise a visitor calling at the main entrance before granting them access to your building. Our door entry system is simple and comprises three components: external panel, door control unit and internal monitor.

Our Net2 Entry system can work standalone or alongside our access control system to combine the benefits of door entry with the key features and centralised management of access control.

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