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Use an access control system to improve site security and visitor monitoring

Considering the serious security concerns affecting most companies and organisations nowadays, most of them need to set up specific restriction measures for certain areas of their site, ensuring the fact that solely authorised members of staff are allowed to access them.

Quite obviously, a standard “lock and key solution” is always perfectly possible, but a modern approach is to implement a role-based access control solution, assigning a specific set of clearances or access rights to each user of the system based on their security credentials.


However, an access control solution can do a lot more for an organization than simply restricting access through particular doors and offers a lot more advantages over traditional systems.

For example, most access control systems employ either biometrics or smart cards for access, which are a lot less difficult to lose than a pair of keys. Furthermore, it will keep an automated record of people coming and leaving the premises at all times. All entries and exits are logged, so it becomes easy to track staff that visit in non-business hours.

Using an access control system will also lower the risk of trespassing on your organization’s site, ensuring that only genuine employees gain access, and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering without getting detected. A direct consequence of the above is an improved level of security to crucial areas, as well as a higher level of safety for staff.

System can be monitored with a real-time graphical display that show doors opening and closing as they happens. All movements are logged, and the information can be analysed as required. Plus profiles can be changed within a minute if any suspicious activity is noticed.

Our access control system also include provision for an entry made under duress. A normal PIN can be programmed as a feature of a normal access permission, working in tandem with the smartcard, but there can also be a special duress code set up. When this is entered, the cardholder (and any potential threat) notice no difference in the way that the door opens for them, but it triggers a silent alarm and sends an alert to the necessary people.

These modern methods of access control should be the minimum used by all businesses, yet many premises still rely on lock and key.

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