Smart video door entry system

Innovative Smart Video Door Entry System

We have uncovered a new and affordable video door entry

It is simple to both use and install with just 3 components: external panel, interior monitor and door control unit

The system provides:

  • Intuitive, colour touch-screen monitor
  • Robust external panel comes with a keypad and RFID reader
  • Infra-red camera for low-light use
  • IP55 rating for use in all weather conditions

The Video Entry Systems comes in a discreet design that is suitable for a range of environments. The entry panel has an attractive brushed steel effect for a smart appearance and durability.

Installation of the exterior panel is flexible, with flush or surface mount options and can even be mounted onto a metal surface if required.

The interior monitor is available as a wall mount, or optional desk mount stand.

Operation – A visitor initiates a video call via the bell button on the external panel. Visitor access can be granted via the entry monitor, which features an intuitive touch-screen user interface. The internal monitor can be used via either the handset for private calls or in hands free mode.

When connected to an Access Control System, access to the building can be gained by using a PIN, Code and/or proximity token.

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