Clever GPS tracking device

Security is often based on knowledge

One interesting new device from Italian company called I’m who make a neat smart watch are about to launch a GPS tracker called the I’m Here.



The device looks very interesting indeed if you are searching for a personal tracking device.

The product will ship in May 2013 and in the UK will retail for just £110.

It includes a SIM card and comes pre-loaded with 200 activations and you can buy more for 00.05 Euros each.

We have one on order and look forward to its arrival on these shores.

From the i’m website

i’m Here’s technology is simple and efficient: from your smartphone you connect to i’m Cloud, which asks the device to find its position. Once identified, it shows you its location on Google Maps.

Using latest generation technology, i’m Here is able to transmit its location anywhere in the world. Its secret? i’m Here uses its integrated SIM to access the global GSM mobile network to transmit its position. It does this upon demand, if you ask it via the i’m Cloud service, or automatically at pre-set intervals. This is useful, for example, when sailing or hiking alone, when you want to let others know your position or when you’ve finished and want to analyze your route. And in the pocket or on the wrist of your child, it becomes an invaluable safety device.

In sports, i’m Here tracks the routes you take, whether you’re jogging, hiking, car racing or whatever. But it can also track down a lost suitcase or a stolen car. And in emergency situations, if you ever get lost, have an accident in an isolated area or simply want to notify others of your position or discover the whereabouts of your child, i’m Here is the perfect companion. Use your i’m Here straightaway thanks to the 200 inclusive geolocations. You can buy more, directly from i’m Cloud, at just €0.05 each.




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