cctv systems from SCSThe days of CCTV systems being out of reach of most small businesses are a thing of the past. Systems to suit all budgets are available and with the fast pace in technology improvements you can now get a comprehensive CCTV system for your investment.

Whether you want to protect a large organization with multiple sites from a central hub, or if you have smaller business there’s a system to suit. CCTV systems can be used to provide visual evidence of either a crime, or even to protect your staff. Covert units can be installed if you want to either keep the protection low profile and unobtrusive. Standard cameras with adequate signage can be an excellent way of deterring people from committing that crime.

Remote monitored systems can be installed that can provide response to unauthorized access to protected areas. Systems installed with audio units can enable operators at our remote monitoring centre to warn potential trespassers not to enter protected areas. They can also contact key-holders or the relevant authorities if needed. The largest benefit from CCTV systems is the ability to go back and review past events, with flexible storage periods. Some systems can now be used for Number Plate recognition, movement tracking and object protection, when alarms can be produced if people or vehicles stray into protected areas or valuables are moved from a protected location.

Where Closed Circuit Television is concerned, seeing is definitely believing.