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Manager\’s Handbook for Business Security

The Manager\’s Handbook for Business Security is designed for new or current security managers who want build or enhance their business security programs. This book is not an exhaustive textbook on the fundamentals of security; rather, it is a series of short, focused subjects that inspire the reader to lead and develop more effective security programs. Chapters are organized by topic so readers can easily-and quickly-find the information they need in concise, actionable, and practical terms.


This book takes you through the business case for ‘crafting a measurably effective security program’. Chapters cover leadership (how to influence others, such as the legal and marketing people inside the business), risk assessment, selling the ‘security program’ to the business, information and physical security, how to raise awareness (and of what), resilience, good conduct (or ‘corporate hygiene’), the supply chain, and last but definitely not least metrics. Whole books have been devoted rightly to subjects that the authors whizz through in ten pages or fewer, such as ‘safe and secure workplaces’. That is no criticism; there’s simply so much to do, to push through change, to make security in an organisation professional, so that when an emergency or data theft happens, it’s tackled, and lessons are learned. The book ably sets out how the head of security management has to be a manager besides a security figure; and has to build a team, communicate well, and anticipate. Highly, highly recommended for the reader who aspires to be a chief security officer, or is in corporate security already and wants to brush up.

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