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Keyless Entry systems with iPhone

Posted by: In: Blog 06 Dec 2012 Comments: 0

Lockitron keyless entry

In our quest for interesting security devices we came across this new company with a wireless key-less entry system.

The company is called Lockitron and have just received funding from over 14,000 crowd sourced backers to bring their Lockitron key-less door product to the market place.

The company is interesting in that they applied via Kickstarter, the high profile crown sourcing site that has funded Pebble, Skallops and other fascinating hi-tech products. After Lockitron were turned down the founders branched out on their own with a goal of raising $150,000. Now, only a few week later they are sitting on top of $1.5 Million in pre orders. The catalyst was when the high profile website TechCrunch wrote about the company and product. The video report was seen by over 2 million viewers on YouTube.

The story about the funding has been widely reported in Inc. CNBC, PCworld as well as TechCrunch. While this is interesting the real story is about the lock.

The Lockitron door lock system enables you to replace your keys with your phone. Doors can then be opened from your iPhone from any location enabling you to let family or friends in to your house when you want from anywhere. By using local a local Bluetooth connection the door will automatically open when you approach it. How cool is that?

For an office this is incredibly useful as the need for keys is greatly diminished and you have instant remote control over the doors.

The device slips over an existing deadbolt in a doorway; these are very common in the United States and less common in the UK. The graphic below explain a little more.

Lockitron is compatible with most through-hole / cylindrical deadbolts (green checkmark). 

If you have an interconnected deadbolt (yellow X) you can use Lockitron by removing the interconnecting plate first. 

If you have a mortise lock (red X) then you can install Lockitron above your current lock by adding an additional deadbolt.



We have some on order and will be experimenting with them once they land in the CSC offices in May 2013.

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