Access Control Systems

access_conrol_from-SCSScalable from a single door to multi sites with hundreds, our Access Control systems are designed to meet your needs. Access Control is used to secure areas from unauthorised individuals, and can be used as much for Health & Safety reasons as Security.

ID systems are also available to enable you to produce ID cards with your own design and artwork. We can also supply ID cards and sundries including lanyards and card holders.

Systems can also be interfaced with lift control systems, and if required in the event of a fire activation they can automatically release some or all of the doors to allow staff free egress from the building to safety.

Areas that need that extra protection can have reader in and out with anti-pass-back to help prevent tailgaters from entering. Various systems and technologies are available. Multifunction ID cards that allow access to designated areas can also be used for Cash-less vending, photocopier and computer log-in cards.

Access Control systems come in various shapes and sizes.

Whether it’s protecting a store room with a mechanical digital lock or multiple doors in multiple buildings with biometric readers, Specialist Complete Security Systems can design a system to meet your needs.