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In these difficult social and economic times are you protected against those who want what you’ve got and are willing to take it?

Whether you’re looking to improve your current protection, change supplier or start from scratch, Specialist Complete Security Systems Ltd can help.

Crime against property and people costs business and individuals millions each year! Can you afford to not be fully protected against these threats? Increased insurance premiums, lost stock and business down time, can be minimized with the right security deterrent.

We specialise in providing security systems and maintenance support agreements tailored to your budget and risk.

Professionally installed and maintained security systems have a proven record of reducing the risk of crime and in the unfortunate event of you or your business becoming the target of a crime, helping to catch those who are responsible.

We are committed to providing Specialist – Complete – Security and the expertise to ensure a smooth path to achieving this.

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As technology gets more and more advanced, physical keys could become a thing of the past.

Imagine no longer having to carry around a bundle of keys for your business, trying multiple keys before you manage to open the correct door. Or no longer having to fumble around, trying to dig your house keys out from the bottom of your bag while balancing armfuls of paper work and shopping.

SCS has experience in multiple systems including Finger Print Control access systems for a host of solutions based on needs and budget. Contact SCS for more details of this exciting technology.