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Lockitron keyless entry

In our quest for interesting security devices we came across this new company with a wireless key-less entry system.

The company is called Lockitron and have just received funding from over 14,000 crowd sourced backers to bring their Lockitron key-less door product to the market place.

The company is interesting in that they applied via Kickstarter, the high profile crown sourcing site that has funded Pebble, Skallops and other fascinating hi-tech products. After Lockitron were turned down the founders branched out on their own with a goal of raising $150,000. Now, only a few week later they are sitting on top of $1.5 Million in pre orders. The catalyst was when the high profile website TechCrunch wrote about the company and product. The video report was seen by over 2 million viewers on YouTube.

The story about the funding has been widely reported in Inc. CNBC, PCworld as well as TechCrunch. While this is interesting the real story is about the lock.

The Lockitron door lock system enables you to replace your keys with your phone. Doors can then be opened from your iPhone from any location enabling you to let family or friends in to your house when you want from anywhere. By using local a local Bluetooth connection the door will automatically open when you approach it. How cool is that?

For an office this is incredibly useful as the need for keys is greatly diminished and you have instant remote control over the doors.

The device slips over an existing deadbolt in a doorway; these are very common in the United States and less common in the UK. The graphic below explain a little more.

Lockitron is compatible with most through-hole / cylindrical deadbolts (green checkmark). 

If you have an interconnected deadbolt (yellow X) you can use Lockitron by removing the interconnecting plate first. 

If you have a mortise lock (red X) then you can install Lockitron above your current lock by adding an additional deadbolt.



We have some on order and will be experimenting with them once they land in the CSC offices in May 2013.

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After the successful installation of a bar-code Access Control system at Powder Mills lake in Surrey the Albury Estate Fisheries wanted to extent the system to include Syon Park, the seconds of the five Albury Estate Lakes.

Syon Gate Access Control System with bar-code readerThis is a pedestrian only gate that permits members of the fly fishing club to enter the Syon Lake. The lake is particularly popular with anglers as it one of the few location to offer fly fishing in the London area. On a summer weekend the lake can see over 100 anglers, who don’t want to be disturbed by non-members accessing the lake area. The gate system is designed to permit members access and restrict the general public from entering the lake.

The system shares the member’s database from the existing Access Control system in use at Powder Mills. The central server is located in the Albury Estate Office in Albury. The challenge for SCS was to connect the Syon gate with the Albury server when Syon gate had no Internet connection. Syon does have good 3G coverage and this was the selected connection method to link the gate with Albury.

A specialised 3G router was sourced to provide an IP connection over the public Internet to link the Albury Server with the Syon Access Control. While the gate system stores all membership data locally it does communicate with Albury whenever the gate is opened and the Albury server alerts the fisheries bailiff staff that a particular angler has entered the lake.

The Access Control system is now live and the Estate plan to deploy additional control units at the other three lakes. 

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Albury Estate Fisheries add Access Control to Powder Mills lake in Chilworth, Surrey.

The Estate wanted to control access to its fly fishing lakes and instigated a project to determine the possible solutions. One key requirement was to utilise existing bar code membership cards as over 15,000 were in circulation having been distributed to members over the years.

SCS in conjunction with local technology firm Taybridge Consulting were commissioned to design and install an Access Control system for the lake at Powder Mills Fishery that could also be expanded to encompass additional lakes under the Estate’s management.

In April 2012 the system was activated in time for the new fishing season.

The system has been well received by the Estate and anglers alike.


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Protecting your Business and your Bank Balance!

Just under 300,000 commercial properties suffered for burglary in 2008/9 (source: Home Office report July 2009). With many business failing to recover from the impact of these crimes.

With a commercial security system from Specialist Complete Security Systems you can be assured that you have taken the best possible step to protecting your business from such crimes. We know that hassle free installation, service and support are key and that tied with value for money is one of the reasons why our clients return year after year after year.

We know that providing ongoing support to customers is key to our success! We are keen to ensure that our customers remain satisfied with the service we provide and support that we have given.

  • Individual Service Level Agreements
  • Maximum response times
  • 24/7 telephone support for all systems, with no hidden charges
  • Hassle free system takeovers, for those with existing security systems

New security systems are designed with your business needs in mind. Insurance approved using cost effective yet quality materials from established manufacturers. We design bespoke integrated systems to last, keeping your business secure

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We like to think of our homes as Castles, where we can feel safe and secure and out of harms way.

Every year thousands of home owners and their families suffer at the hands of criminals. The effects of burglaries can be long lasting. How well projected are you?

With family budgets being squeezed we know that the additional expense of a security system can put off the most security conscious. With systems installed from as little as £499.00 including VAT we’ll help you to keep the things that matter safe.

  • Home protection systems
  • Additional security products such as window locks
  • Remote monitoring for peace of mind even when your away
  • Pet friendly systems available

We supply Intruder detection, automatic gates, door entry systems integrated closed circuit television systems and Home automation.  Systems designed around your needs, budget and lifestyle.

Security systems can be used to provide added benefits. Protect elderly loved ones with a monitored security system that can be used as a emergency call system, that can be used in the event of a medical emergency or accident in the home.

With a professionally installed and maintained security system the risks of becoming a victim are reduced, and that’s a fact!


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Access control refers to exerting control over who can interact with a resource.

Often but not always, this involves an authority, who does the controlling. The resource can be a given building, group of buildings, or other physical resource. SCS have implemented many Access Control Systems for commercial clients including Office, Clubs, Hotels, Multi-tenant industrial units and even fishing clubs.

Select from bar-code, RFID, swipe cards, fingerprint or retina security systems that can interface with PC based HR systems for automating access control over a wide range of locations. Control access by time, building, staff level or name.



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Let Specialist Complete Security take-over an existing Maintenance Contract.

And you could save you up to 25% compared to your existing agreement. We can manage this transition by working closely with our clients and partners to ensure that our business works efficiently and smoothly! You will suffer no lose of service and no interruptions in monitoring of you office or home. 

Contact us for a risk free analysis or to receive further information on how to proceed.

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In these difficult social and economic times are you protected against those who want what you’ve got and are willing to take it?

Whether you’re looking to improve your current protection, change supplier or start from scratch, Specialist Complete Security Systems Ltd can help.

Crime against property and people costs business and individuals millions each year! Can you afford to not be fully protected against these threats? Increased insurance premiums, lost stock and business down time, can be minimized with the right security deterrent.

We specialise in providing security systems and maintenance support agreements tailored to your budget and risk.

Professionally installed and maintained security systems have a proven record of reducing the risk of crime and in the unfortunate event of you or your business becoming the target of a crime, helping to catch those who are responsible.

We are committed to providing Specialist – Complete – Security and the expertise to ensure a smooth path to achieving this.

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As technology gets more and more advanced, physical keys could become a thing of the past.

Imagine no longer having to carry around a bundle of keys for your business, trying multiple keys before you manage to open the correct door. Or no longer having to fumble around, trying to dig your house keys out from the bottom of your bag while balancing armfuls of paper work and shopping.

SCS has experience in multiple systems including Finger Print Control access systems for a host of solutions based on needs and budget. Contact SCS for more details of this exciting technology.